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Proofreading/Light Editing reviewing a document for typographical errors, spelling, punctuation, and basic grammar, as well as verification of headings, sequence, and adherence to specifications.

Copyediting – includes all services offered under Proofreading, as well as reviewing for inconsistencies in wording or format, proper sentence construction, and consistent style and tone.

Content Editing/Rewriting includes all services provided under Copyediting, as well as reviewing organization, writing style, flow, and effectiveness (does not include fact checking).

Writing – preparing a new document based on discussion with the client.

Formattingarranging a completed document into a functional, consistent, and aesthetically pleasing format.

Meeting Servicespreparing meeting agendas; attending meetings/public hearings and taking detailed notes to the client’s specifications; transcribing recorded proceedings (tape or digital).

Researchgathering and presenting information per client's requirements.

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  Your edits were spot on and helped take a lot of convoluted thoughts and organize them. – J.B., Entrepreneur  


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